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Therapy at Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy‘s relationship-based therapeutic model promotes student growth by addressing the following key areas: the development of healthy and adaptive skills, the ability to maintain healthy relationships, and the cultivation of their sense of identity. This approach is strengthened by the clinician’s respect for the student and a willingness to accept the student where they are. By establishing rapport and setting clear and consistent boundaries, we have created an optimal therapeutic environment, resulting in positive changes and growth in the child.

Therapy begins with an initial evaluation during the student’s first week on campus. Following that, the therapist meets with the parents to discuss recommendations and therapeutic initiatives.

Common issues addressed include:

  • Addictive behaviors
  • Emotion regulation and mood disorders
  • Attachment and adoption
  • Executive functioning
  • Trauma
  • Social/relational skills

The therapies BCA utilizes to address these issues are:

  • Neurofeedback
  • DBT
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Attachment therapy
  • Restorative practices
  • EMDR
  • EAGALA therapy (Equine)
  • Canine program

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy evolves over time as your child and your therapist build a relationship. In individual sessions, goals are identified and therapeutic strategies are implemented to support those goals. The treatment team then meets weekly to discuss and support the progress of each student’s goals. In addition to individual sessions, many significant “mini sessions” often occur in the hallways, at shared meals, or on field trips and excursions.

Family Therapy

Because a student’s ability to reintegrate into the family is crucial for their future success, parents are expected to participate in family therapy. These sessions are conducted weekly through video conference calls and work on resolving conflict, improving communication, deepening family connections, and identifying family dynamics that are in need of attention and/or repair. Other important forms of family involvement—parent visit weekends and parent seminars—also play an integral part in the student’s reunification process.

Group and Milieu Therapy

Students participate in group therapy sessions each week. These are often theme-based and focus on particular areas of struggle such as self-confidence building, taking ownership of intrapersonal and/or interpersonal dynamics that need adjustment, and identifying personal value sets. In addition to the traditional group therapy, a weekly dorm group provides an opportunity for students to work through conflict that may arise from living in close quarters with their peers.

Milieu therapy is a planned treatment environment in which everyday events and interactions are designed to produce and support changes in behavior. The objective of the therapeutic milieu is to provide a clearly delineated set of expectations for each child within a secure and nurturing environment. At Boulder Creek Academy all of our staff serve as role models to assist students in learning improved problem solving and individual and community social skills. Additionally, treatment interventions may be exercised and tested in this environment.

EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Assoc.) Equine Therapy

Equine therapy provides a unique setting in which an equine specialist, mental health specialist and horse partners work as a team to assist the student in identifying and addressing a range of emotional and behavioral challenges.

Many of the benefits of equine therapy are attributed to the fact that, by nature, horses are typically non-judgmental, have no preconceived expectations or motives and are highly effective at mirroring the attitudes and behaviors of the humans who work with them. The benefits of Eagala therapy have proven especially effective in dealing with behavior disorders, mood disorders, learning differences, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, grief/loss, addiction, trauma, depression, and related conditions.

Psychiatric Support

All students arriving at Boulder Creek Academy on medication for psychiatric diagnoses will meet with Dr. Unis in the first few weeks after they arrive on campus. He will then be the primary physician for the management of any psychiatric medications for your child.

Through both face-to-face and teleconference visits, Dr. Unis meets with students on a regular basis to follow their progress. The nursing and clinical staff work closely with him for medication management and continuity of care.

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