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Learning Center

Learning Center

Learning Center at Boulder Creek Academy

The Boulder Creek Academy Learning Center provides academic testing to assess areas of needed growth in reading, language arts, and math.

Initial information is gleaned from previous (within two years) testing reports, current psych evaluations, and IEP or school records. If an area of concern is identified, the Learning Center team administers a variety of tests based on the concern. Examples of these include:

  • GORT-5, WJ IV Tests of Academic Achievement
  • LAC-3, (Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization) test
  • SI (Symbol Imagery) test
  • TOWL 4
  • KEY-MATH 3

A variety of programs may be implemented to address specific needs a student may have as indicated by their assessment testing results.

For remedial reading needs, the Learning Center incorporates the use of Lindamood-Bell programs such as LiPS, a reading program that addresses phonemic awareness by teaching the student to feel the sounds in words and Seeing Stars, a research-based, research-verified program that stimulates symbol imagery which is the visual memory for letters seen in the mind’s eye. Both programs promote mastery for students who struggle with reading and spelling.

Visualizing/Verbalizing is another Lindamood-Bell program used for remediation of language comprehension and thinking problems. We also use Stetson spelling which contains the 3,000 words most frequently used in written language, and Vocabulary Workshop to strengthen our students’ vocabulary base and prepare them for the SAT vocabulary test. The ACE Reader Flash Card Game is used to reinforce the retention of their spelling words and their definitions in long term memory.

We also utilize BrainWare Safari with many of our students. BWS is a program that helps build cognitive skills in six main areas: Attention, Memory, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, Thinking (logic, reasoning) and Sensory Integration.

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