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Animal Programs

Animal Programs

Animal Programs at Boulder Creek Academy

The Boulder Creek Academy animal programs are part of an educational and therapeutic strategy that helps develop and support the students’ social and emotional skills as they work collaboratively to care for the animals. Some key features of these programs include:

  • EAGALA certified equine therapy
  • Equine Science, safety and riding skills
  • Shelter dog rehabilitation training
  • One-semester science elective credit for Applied Animal Science

Canine Program

Boulder Creek Academy conducts a canine rehabilitation program for local animal shelter dogs in our on-campus kennel. Using the Pawsitive Works curriculum, students socialize and care for dogs while teaching them basic commands such as sit, stay, walking with a leash, etc. While helping dogs become more adoptable, students benefit from developing mindfulness, self-control, executive function, and social-communication skills. The positive-feedback training techniques used by students also instill a sense of leadership and responsibility.

Equine Program

This is an equine life science course with an emphasis on horse physiology and anatomy. In this class, students learn the basics of horse care and management including health care, feed management, first aid, and riding experience. Classwork then translates into experiential lessons in direct hands-on interactions with horses.

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