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Academics at Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy offers core high school classes in all state-required content areas as well as elective courses. Classroom sizes are purposely kept small, often at eight students and under. As a year-round school, Boulder Creek Academy schedules three consecutive terms a year with a one-week break in between. Each term equals one semester and provides the opportunity for students to regain school time they might have lost in their home settings.

Orientation Class

Instead of placing students directly into a full schedule of core classes upon admission, we ease the academic transition by having him or her participate in two orientation classes for the first few weeks after enrollment. This time helps students to engage in animal care and on-campus community service which are designed to teach the value of a good work ethic—a major contributor to their future academic success. During this orientation period, the students also work on developing personal responsibility and interpersonal communication skills.

The Learning Center

As an Idaho and California state-certified special education school, Boulder Creek Academy’s Learning Center provides academic testing to assess areas of needed growth in reading, language arts and math. If an area of concern is identified, our reading specialists implement a variety of programs to address the students’ specific needs.

Student Schedules

At the time of student enrollment, the registrar requests official transcripts from students’ previous schools and then reviews these with the academic director. Together, they develop an academic plan and a schedule according to their individual needs. Courses for all students and goals for IEP-served students are aligned with grade-level Idaho Common Core Standards. Additionally, all teachers incorporate classroom accommodations and modifications as required.

Course Offerings *

A student’s academic term schedule includes several of the following classes from each content area:

  • English: Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 Literature and Composition, including American Lit, World Lit, and Speech
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Life and Environmental Science
  • Social Studies: U.S. History, American Government and Economics
  • Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Consumer Math, and Practical Math
  • Physical Fitness and Health

Additionally, a selection of the following elective courses is offered:

  • Visual Arts: Art 1, Painting, Illustration, 3-D Art, Photography
  • Applied Animal Science – Equine and Canine
  • Strategies For Success – SMARTS Program (Strategies Motivation Awareness Resilience Talents Success)
  • Psychology (DBT Therapy)
  • Theory and Practice of Life Skills

*Detailed course descriptions are listed here.

Classroom Technology

Internet access operates through a dedicated server and is strictly monitored. It is only made available to students for academic purposes and for monitored emailing to their families. Each student is assigned their own network account through which they can generate files and store their work. The student network is further protected by a whitelist via a web filter program.

Dual Enrollment

Qualified students may be offered the opportunity to take dual enrollment courses in which they receive both high school and college credit through North Idaho College.

ACT and SAT Testing

Arrangements are made for all students to take either the SAT or ACT test when they reach their junior year level. A testing specialist guides the students through prep classes and practice tests a month prior to the test date. Additionally, the special education coordinator applies for extended time accommodations for all eligible students.


Some students take advantage of developing skills through our various internship opportunities. On campus, they may work in the kitchen or with our maintenance crew. Off-campus internships have involved students working at the local elementary school, an area ski resort, a thrift store, and an animal shelter.

Academic Transition Planning

The academic and clinical departments work together on students’ post-Boulder Creek Academy transition planning. The therapists work with the families to ensure that a suitable exit plan is in place well in advance of graduation. Clinicians and academic staff assist older students with college research and applications as needed. A younger student’s plan to transition to another high school is also facilitated by the therapeutic staff and academic staff working together. As far ahead as possible, the registrar takes the next high school’s required courses into account when scheduling classes for those future transitioning students. The registrar compares the other district’s requirements to Boulder Creek Academy’s course offerings and, as far as is possible, schedules the student’s term accordingly.

High School and Program Graduation Ceremonies

Students who achieve a high school diploma at the end of their stay are honored with a semiformal cap and gown graduation ceremony. Parents and families are encouraged to attend and the event is often accompanied by a celebratory reception or brunch. Younger students who will finish high school elsewhere, but have completed their therapeutic program, are honored either in a combined graduation ceremony or a similar event.

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