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Academic Team

Academic Team

Boulder Creek Academy Academic Team

Kenton Clairmont – Academic Director

With an extensive background in coaching and personal training, Kenton specializes in helping students overcome limitations and regain a sense of hope. He holds a master’s degree in physical education and an undergraduate degree in education, health and kinesiology. His certification in K–12 physical education and 6–12 health has enabled him to coach baseball, football, wrestling, softball and basketball.

Kenton’s varied work experience includes working at two therapeutic boarding schools, owning a CrossFit gym and working as a cowboy on a large cattle ranch for seven years. He enjoys helping students learn to thrive in a community and, in his spare time, especially loves spending time camping, hiking and recreating with his family in the great Northwest.

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson, M.Ed. – English Teacher

In her sixteen years at Boulder Creek Academy, Val has had the privilege of organizing and developing curricula for our English and literature courses. Her role as Curriculum Coordinator provides her with the opportunity to collaborate with Clinical Services and Life Skills to create an integrated, dynamic approach that challenges and empowers our students to reach their academic potential. She approaches teaching as a straightforward, honest, talkative, and empathic mentor who provides a roadmap for students as they navigate the academic world. Valerie enjoys research and presentation opportunities, sharing classroom strategies and approaches with educators, administrators, and consultants in regional and national presentations and workshops. Her favorite modes of teaching include what she refers to as a “guided constructivist” approach to Socratic inquiry, presentation, direct instruction, and role-playing. She works with individuals to change their perspectives on learning, focusing on each student’s unique needs and literary “story,” while delivering an anchoring curriculum to the class as a whole. Val received a bachelor’s degree in English from Gonzaga University and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho.

Robert Gonzales

Robert Gonzales – Social Science Teacher

Robert has been working with children for 10 years and enjoys bringing humor and advice into the lives of his students. As a substitute teacher in California, he has taught kindergarten to high school and enjoys hearing all of the kids’ stories and insights. Robert has his undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego and his credentials include secondary schools teaching certificate, trauma-informed care training, attachment disorder training and CPR certification. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son and doing all things outdoors. Robert also enjoys coaching basketball and loves to check out new recipes for inspiring home meals.

René Lemieux – Mathematics Teacher

Excited to be part of the team at Boulder Creek Academy, René, inspires students both in and out of the classroom to always learn and pay attention to details. Since graduating from UCLA with an applied mathematics degree, he has been teaching and/or tutoring for 20 years. In addition to teaching René has also enjoyed coaching students in both soccer and cross country. As cool as math is, he believes students can learn just as much outside the classroom as inside the classroom. René strives to instill character development, because he feels that it is more important than anything else. Also, learning from his students allows René to create a two-way street for communication and be able to build trust in his relationships.

In his spare time, René enjoys the outdoors where he can be found snowboarding in the winter and boating in the summer; all these experiences he shares with his family and friends. He also thrives off ANY competition whether it’s playing lawn games or board games. He tries to live by the words of John Wooden and some of his favorite quotes are: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” —Or— “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” While Coaching, René tells his team winning or losing is not what matters but that John Wooden says “Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best that which you are capable!”

Frank Foderero

Frank Foderero , M.S – Science and Music Teacher

Frank carries himself with an open and honest demeanor which allows for students to trust and develop meaningful relationships with him. His cumulative of 25 years which encompasses working with teenagers and adults in both the education and management avenues; Frank has depth to the tools in his back pocket. When teaching both Science and Music he is proficient in computer-based learning, technical writing and multimedia presentations. He is also an excellent communicator and loves to collaborate on business, academic and healthcare topics. Frank’s experience and credentials allow him to be able to support our students at Boulder Creek to maximize learning from a plethora of instructional materials.
When not at work you can find Frank spending time with his HUGE family, and often traveling the nation so that he can spend time and stay connected with “the little ones”. One of his guilty pleasures would be his collection of vintage musical instruments; hoping to restore them and have a museum of his own one day.

Troi Morris – Orientation Counselor, Animal and Special Project Manager

After having worked in the education field for over two decades, Troi joined the BCA team nine years ago. She has filled a number of roles during her time here, with the most recent being our Animal Care Specialist and Orientation Manager. Troi is a certified EAGALA (Equine therapy) facilitator and teaches the canine class utilizing the Pawsitive Works Curriculum for Shelter Dogs. Troi holds an A.S. degree in Child Development and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in special education. Troi’s days are full at our school—in addition to teaching, she assists Student Life staff with facilitating recreational and community service activities for BCA students. At home, Troi enjoys trail riding, camping, gardening, quilting and stained glass crafting.

Learning Center Team

Cynthia Stoval-Sanders

Cynthia Stovall-Sanders, M.Ed. – Special Education Director

Cynthia came to Boulder Creek Academy after teaching special education for 25 years in both the California and Idaho public school systems. With a passion for seeing students succeed, Cynthia continuously searches for new interventions to meet their needs. Throughout her career, she has also mentored many student teachers and paraprofessionals. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in Communicative Disorders from California State University and a Masters of Education in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. Given her extensive background and understanding of how academics can incorporate a multitude of approaches, Cynthia is a valued asset to the Boulder Creek Team and is an incredible resource for each and every student.

Martha Jones

Martha Jones, M.Ed. – Reading Specialist

Martha Jones is Boulder Creek’s Reading Specialist. She has a vast array of experience. Her teaching credentials include a background in general subjects, learning and severely handicapped, resource specialist and reading specialist. Her work as a special education coordinator for a Special Education Instructional Materials Center resulted in thirty schools having access to more than 10,000 special education instructional materials. She has more than 20 years of experience working as a Resource Specialist for a California school district. Here Martha was responsible for creating a Reading Center that aided with more than 70 students daily. After retiring from the Coachella Valley USD in California, they hired her back as a consultant. She finally bid farewell to California, and she and her husband moved to Naples, Idaho, in March of 2005. It was then that she joined the Boulder Creek Academy team and has continued her work on behalf of exceptional students. She earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Oklahoma. She holds a Reading Specialist certification from Central State University.

Our Team - Placeholder

Heather Todd, M.S. – Learning Center Specialist

After teaching science for four years in another setting, Heather now works one-on-one with students as a Learning Specialist at Boulder Creek’s Learning Center. Heather assesses the student’s individual needs, develops an appropriate learning program to match the targeted areas of need and then guides each one through a specialized reading and math skills curriculum. Heather has a master’s degree in Ethnobotany and a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. When not working, Heather can be found reading books, gardening, and spending time with her family, especially outdoors.

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